Smile reconstruction: porcelain dental veneers

Because we are permanently influenced by the surrounding beauty promoted in magazines or on television, aesthetic demands of patients can sometimes be hard to satisfy.

It is still the duty of the dentist to provide modern treatment solutions adapted to each case. One of these methods is represented by dentel veneers or porcelaind (ceramic), the most successful non-invasive dental procedure in the last decade. When executed correctly, porcelain dental veneers are not only the most natural form of dental aesthetics but also part of the personality or the person who wears them

The objective of dental veneers is that patients receive restorations that perfectly fit facial appearance, to be in harmony with the gum and bone and thos who look at them and can not realize their presence.

Porcelain veneers have beccome modern alternatives to dental crowns or metal ceramic ones. The disadvantage of metal-ceramic crows is that metal can be identified in the ceramics from the gums, giving an unsightly appearance, and if ceramic crowns require a great sacrifice of dental tissue by grinding deeper which ofen can affect the gums or tooth pulp.

Porcelain veneers are seamlessly interaged biological due to high chemical stability, low toxicity and low on tissue tenderness or irritability produced to gums. Also they reduce the plaque that forms on teeth doe to smooth and shiny surface.

Tooth veneers are cemented with adhesive art techniques. Veneers are very thin – maximum 0.5 mm – but once they are cemented seamlessly with tooth structure and are extremely durable.

Cases that can be treated by making facets must be carfully selected to ensure an excellent result. this method can solve the aeestetic problems such as correcting misaligned teeth, their strong coloration (problems caused by treatment with tetracyline, “blackening” or “redness” of the teeth because of previous surgery on that tooth), growth defects (short teeth or longer), tooth fractures or near the midline.

Because of age and teeth enamel thins and it looses opacity. The veeering porcelain smile can be transformed quickly, painlessly and with minimal sacrifice of dental tissue. Therefore, we are talking about proportions, harmony, beauty, size, color, shadows, arrangement, alignment.

Because we live in a changing world, appearance is very important not only socially but also economically. The positive effects of such interventions on smile, physiognomy and self-esteem should not be underestimated.

Veneering ceramic can be aquired from Velvet Dental dental clinic at the low price of 900 RON (about 250 EUR). But the most important aspect is that our doctor’s number one responsability is to perform dental ceramic veneers cosmetic dentistry to provide outstanding but good biocompatibility with surrounding gingival architecture. When these goals are achieved and the relationshib between aesthetic and functional is made, the patient will feel great.