Simple dentistry

Clinica Stomatologica Velvet Dental Simple dentistry

One of the fears during a visit to the dentist is connected to the mystery behind the dentist’s intervention. „What is he going to do now? Why does he need to use that particular instrument?”

In order for your questions and fears to disappear, we found an innovative solution. You can see each dental intervention, before taking place, in detailed animation, accompanied by your dentist’s explanations.

The animation presents minutely the structure and the position of the teeth, the connection between them, the effect of different interventions on them and why are they necessary, types of anesthesia and extractions, fillings and so on.

During the projection of the animated movies you will receive explanation from your dentist, with details regarding the intervention that you are going to do.

Now you can relax in your comfortable chair. The dentist starts the intervention that you already know everything about.