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Clinica Stomatologica Velvet Dental Dental Laboratory

Practically if you ask any prestigious dentist specialized in dental cosmetics, “Which is the only thing that, added to your experience, would makes you work at a higher level?” it is most likely that he will answer “To have a specialized dental technician working next to me. He would help me to have a better esthetics and control that would exceed an external relationship with a laboratory.”

In order to get the best aesthetic result, the technical team must have a clear vision of what is possible and appropriate from artistic and functional point of view. That is why we have our own dental technique laboratory, relying on experienced and skilled technicians.

A dental ceramist technician is a very gifted artist who shapes, paints, sculptures and submits the dental ceramic materials to the burning process. A dental ceramist technician must have years of training in the art and science of the dental cosmetics, ceramics, porcelain and associated materials.

The visual result of any dental cosmetic transformation is the final result not only of the dentist specialized in dental cosmetics, but also of the dental technician.

What many patients do not understand is that, in order to have a beautiful replica of a natural tooth, each tooth has an absolutely special and unique design and it is hand made. Each tooth is a sculpture – a small work of art. The teeth can be sculptured to have a more masculine shape, or a more feminine smile, or a sexy or sportive appearance.

Find out more about the Advantages of the ceramic crowns on zirconium support made by computerized drilling.

Our laboratory manually processes each tooth for a customized design adjusted to your face, smile and personally. Made correctly, it looks and it is perceived as a natural tooth. Find out details also about the dental implant – surgical intervention at the dental clinics Velvet Dental.


About the Laboratory of dental Techniques


How important is the presence of a dental technique laboratory within the dental office or a dental clinic?

In case of the dental medicine, it is very important the part played by the dental technique laboratory, where the dental crowns and bridges, the ceramic facings, different prosthesis, etc. are effectively made. It is, obviously, responsible of the prosthetic quality, of how fast the patient enjoys of it, the number of stages he is submitted to. It finally contributes in a decisive way to the patient’s pleasure of having a beautiful and perfectly operational crown, with a minimum effort. After the treatments performed in the clinics, the dentist imprints on the prosthetic field. By this method, he registers the position of the teeth, of the gum and of the inlay cores that will support the future crown. From now on, the involvement of the dental laboratory is decisive for the final result, as the technician takes over the imprint sent by the dentist, transposing in a gypsum pattern the shapes from the patient’s mouth.
Thus, the presence of a dental technique laboratory in the immediate neighbourhood or even inside the dental office is very helpful for the dentist, as the relationship with the technician is much easier, the above-mentioned aspects and the potential problems being easier to solve. Besides, in case of the ceramic crown, for instance, one control is unnecessary, as after the adjustment, the crown must be taken back to the laboratory for a last burning, the on-glaze test. If the access to the laboratory is fast, this stage is fulfilled at the same control, and the patient will enjoy sooner of the final product. Although, as a patient, you have a rare contact with the dental laboratory, it is very important for the personal satisfaction and for the physician’s prestige.

What are the facilities provided by the Laboratory of the dental clinics Velvet Dental?

The latest generation equipment, the generous space, the long experience and the well trained dental technicians are without doubt several essential components that make the basis of the performances and quality provided to the patients by Velvet Laboratory.
The dental technicians from Velvet Laboratory cover all the sub-branches involved by the dental technic activity: casting the models, the medal, the application of the ceramics, the execution of the dental prosthesis and other specific services.
The distinction on the market of Romanian dental technique in relation to the quality is done, obviously, by the man and the technology.
Velvet Laboratory advocates the performance by the technology CAD – CAM – the robot of the modern dental technique that successfully replaces several human working stages, in making the ceramic teeth on zirconium support, the material of the future.

What dental crowns are made in the dental technique laboratory of Velvet Dental?

The top of the most requested dental crown in Velvet Laboratory are:

  • Dental crowns of ceramic on zirconium support
  • Dental crowns of ceramic golden-platinum, golden-palladium Au-Pt/Au-Pd support (noble metal)
  • Total ceramic dental crowns
  • Dental ceramic crowns on remanium support (Cr-Ni)
  • Inlay – Onlay (Cast sealants)
  • Dental ceramic facings
  • RCRs (crown root restoration)
  • Trays for teeth whitening and mouth guards for bruxism
  • Special dental prosthesis