Frequently asked questions about Velvet Dental

Fortunately many dental procedures do not have to be uncomfortable anymore, or certainly not as uncomfortable as when you were a child. Many things have changed in the last 10 years. Our clinic uses new, more effective types of anesthetic than in earlier years and we have many facilities and alternatives designed to distract you from the procedure and to help you get over de psychological discomfort you may associate with visiting a dentist.

Our fees are comparable to those at dental clinics nationally. When you think of the prices for cosmetic dental care keep in mind the following – just like all restaurants, cars and hotel rooms are not the same and you would never purchase one because it was the cheapest one you could find – all dental cabinets are not the same. There are at least two healthcare professionals you should not skimp on – your neurosurgeon and your dentist. This does not mean that our clinic is necessarily higher on the specific treatment you may need. Actually, depending on the procedure, our fees may be lower than other dental cabinets. We encourage you to experience what separates us from other dental cabinets before making a decision which will change your life based on price alone. We are confident you will agree that our services are value-priced.