Clinica Stomatologica Velvet Dental Endowments

Velvet Dental has advanced and complete endowments for any type of dental procedures.

Technical endowments include:

Technical endowments include:

  • dental units exceptionally shaped,
  • RVG computerized radiology (the risk of irradiation is 99% smaller than that of the classic one),
  • laser therapy,
  • electrical power generator (useful especially during surgical interventions),
  • water supply system with biologic filters,
  • and one of the top dental laboratories in the country.

Hygiene is ensured by:

  • anti-bacteria and antiseptic floors,
  • dental stalls equipped with special disinfection system,
  • water supply with biologic filters,
  • ventilation systems with bio-filters,
  • one-use tools.

The relaxing atmosphere is ensured by slow, relaxation music and by an art gallery.
The art gallery includes works of famous artists such as: Ion GRIGORE, Aurel NEDEL, Constantin APOSTOL, Bogdan PIETRIS, Bogdan HOJBOTA, Adriana BADESCU, Traian BRADEAN, Iacob LAZAR, Rodica LAZAR, Luminita MIHAI.