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Dental implants

Velvet Dental offers the best dental implants to its pacients. On request, we can provide any type of implant, from all over the world. Read more...
implant dentar

Porcelain crowns

More and more people are attracted to the idea of a perfect smile and the ways in which they can get .



Orthodontics deals with the teeth correction and the correction of the teeth position. More details...

Zirconium crowns

Velvet Dental Clinic processes the zirconium oxide crown through it's own CAD CAM Zeno Tec technology.




Dental Clinic Dental Velvet managed to unite a team of specialists in all branches of dentistry and excel through dedication, professionalism and care given to each patient.

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Dental radiology

In order to solve your problems as fast and accurately as possible, you have to do radiographies before starting the treatment. The dental radiologic apparatus has special system for preventing the noxious effects of the ionizing radiations (Röntgen) on your body.

During the dental radiography at the dental clinics Velvet Dental we protect you with a special lead device. It is put on the shoulders and it protects you from the neck until the waist. The digital radiologic image can be processed in order to obtain important details of the teeth and of the adjacent structures.


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Periodontal disease and systemic diseases


The periodontal disease is an inflammatory, infectious disease caused by bacteria colonizing the oral cavity, it is not a localized disease, representing a very important risk factor for certain diseases.

The researchers showed that the patients with periodontal disease are mor

Straumann Implant


When we choose to replace the absent teeth and to restore the mastication by dental implants, it is very important to be informed, to kn

Integral ceramics (e-max ivoclar) used as an option for ceramic veneers and facings


What is the integral ceramic?

The integral ceramics is also called pressed ceramics, because of its technologic

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