Emergency dental care

If your ceramic crown comes off, carefully remove the crown from your mouth without damaging it even more. If you have found only one piece then the crown may not have broken but instead may have just become dislodged from your tooth, fully intact. If the crown is whole, our cosmetic dentists can re-bond it to your tooth, introduced in a protective device. Even if the crown is broken, it is important to keep the parts and show them to our cosmetic dentists. They could be important. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for crown restoration.

Ask our dentists for more instructions but, generally, if a ceramic crown for which only a small part of tooth structure has been removed to make the crown has simply broken or come off there is a small possibility for a serious tooth problem. Remember, in many cases teeth in the process of being crowned are left uncovered for a period of one to two weeks during the fabrication of the crown. When the crown breaks you can expect that your tooth’s shape might be different. Lips or tongue irritations may appear, caused by tooth roughness. The tooth itself could be more sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks because the crown is no longer there to cover and protect the front surface of the tooth.

If your temporary crown happens to come off, call our clinic to give you specific instructions and also to schedule an appointment to have it re-cemented. In what regards the time period before you can come to our clinic to talk with our dentists, we will usually suggest that you place the crown on your tooth. Doing so will protect the tooth from irritating stimuli such as hot or cold foods and liquids. Wearing the crown will also maintain the tooth in the right positions and keep it from moving (an important factor in how well or how easily your permanent crown can be placed). If the bite on your temporary crown seems incorrect when it is placed back on your tooth, then we recommend you not to place the crown back on your teeth.