Velvet Dental team attended “KOLNMESSE”, the greatest dental show room in the world, that takes place every 2 years and where there are gathered the most prestigious firms from the world-wide dental field. This year, CAD-CAM technology and the revolutionary material called zirconium stirred interest. With this occasion, zirconium was declared and unanimously accepted as the future of stomatology. Velvet Dental clinic will have in approximately 2 weeks this technical miracle, being convinced of the extraordinary advantages it gives to its patients. Zirconium has a low neutron cross-section, a high breakage resistance, in alloy state, close to the one of steel and a high corrosion resistance in numerous environments, including water. These properties have made zirconium alloys to be the most spreaded structural materials, in nuclear reactors with thermal neutrons, reduced and cooled with water. Besides all these, the biggest advantage of zirconium in stomatology comes from the fact that its colour is very similar to the one of natural teeth, which is, for ceramic technicians, more than they ever imagined. Now, they can mould the ceramic in successive layers, play with the colours and transparencies, with the thickness of the ceramic and all this without any limits whatsoever, without the appearance of the so-called metallic islands or without colouring the gums in that unaesthetic way that the majority of the people who have prosthetic work know and many others from which we only mention the amazing precision with which it executes prosthetic pieces.
Using the new 3-D technology, CAD-CAM technology is already an evolved practice in stomatology. In countries such as Germany, Austria there are already thousands of clinic cases excellently solved. The scanner and the 3-D CAD-CAM technology allow working from a distance, the model realised from the dental imprint being scanned and the order of the execution emerges with just a click. Depending on the complexity, it can work out a tooth in a few tens of minutes, decreasing very much the work time and implicitly the precious waiting time for the patient. Also, the system receives non-stop orders and it can be programmed to finish the work at night until the beginning of a new work day.
The demands of the Romanian patients are those of a European or American citizen, and now they can be satisfied equally, even at lower prices. The investment made by Velvet Dental Clinic in this equipment is of approximately EUR 160,000 (including the soft, transport, foreign training courses etc).