First visit

Clinica Stomatologica Velvet Dental First visit

The fear of dentists is spread at a large scale. If the feeling is familiar, we offer some information and advice that can help you find out that you have no reason to postpone the decision to visit us.

  • Knowing the dentist
  • Communicating with your dentist means building a smile that you desire. For the best results it is necessary to know the credentials and the experience of the dentist who you go to. You have to trust your dentist in order to have the best result in the shortest period of time.Ask your dentist about his education, recommendations and his experience in the field. The most efficient way to understand his abilities is to look at his portfolio with pictures of before and after.Once arrived, a person specially trained will be at your disposal for a presentation of the clinic. We will present you all the members of our team, you will see the laboratory, the sterilization zone and we will present you some of our results as well. Then we will accompany you in the dental cabinet and help you fill in the necessary documents. We will continue with a discussion about your dental antecedents and the present problems. After all these, a specialist will give you information about the whole project that leads to an efficient treatment for your problems.

    At Velvet Dental you can choose personally the dentist among the best specialists that will pay attention to details and will make you leave smiling from the dental cabinet.

  • First visit
    • What does it means
    • The first visit is for informing the patients. From the patient point of view it means an opportunity to find out information about the dentist and his nurse.Were you well welcomed? Is the doctor interested of your problem? If you liked what you heard and saw, you would like to make an appointment for a short treatment session. Allow yourself to do the things in your rhythm without being obliged to do anything you do not like to do.At Velvet Dental we think that a first complete examination is the first step to have a nice and healthy simile. In order to be successful in our treatments for dental cosmetics we take our time to examine completely your dental health. Our purpose is to offer you the information and the education needed in order to enjoy your smile for a long period. Our clinic has a dental soft with which we can explain, with the help of animation, each dental procedure. Here are the next steps: • We will make the needed dental radiography, using digital technique (which uses 90% less radiations than the traditional radiography);

      We will make a detailed oncology examination in order to establish the existence of any tumor at the mouth level.

      We will also make a chart with all the information about all your teeth, the dental interventions present in your mouth and the areas where there is any kind of disease, blooding or other dental problem;

      We will perform an analysis in order to establish cancer verifying the tongue, the cheeks and the soft tissues around this area;

    • How long it will take?
    • Each patient is a unique case and it is difficult to estimate a determinate period of time. At the first visit your teeth will be carefully examined and the problems that have to be resolved will be identified. Your personal dentist will make a treatment scheme, in conclusion time estimation.As estimation, generally, teeth whitening can take between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes. Restoration cases can be solved in a couple of hours in one session. Other cases that involve dental bridges and porcelain cover require first preparation of the teeth, after which you will go home with a temporary set of teeth specially prepared for you. After your model comes from the lab, we will put the permanent crowns, the veneers or the dental bridges.
    • How much it will cost?
    • Usually all the questions are about the price, but this does not have to be the determinative factor. This is the same as when you choose a neurosurgeon or even a restaurant or a hotel, you do not want to make the choice only based on the price.
      Before thinking at the price, you have to reflect upon the following questions:
      How important is the simile for me?
      How does it make me feel?
      How can a brightening smile change my life?The easiest way to establish the price for the modeling of your simile is to schedule a meeting with one of our specialists. The meeting consists of an analysis of your teeth. During the session we will meet each other and will talk about the problems and how you want to improve your teeth. We will offer a whole picture about how we can help you to have all the improvements that you want.
      After an examination, we can talk about the specific treatment scheme and the price of your simile.
  • Why you do not have to be afraid