SC Editura Cariere has been offering its employees the dental treatments of Velvet Dental since June 2005.

For the entire period of collaboration we were well impressed by the quality of the medical treatment, by the high standard of the services and the friendly atmosphere in the clinic.

We recommend Velvet Dental services to all the persons interested in dental, a modern clinic, with well trained staff and last generation endowments.

Monica Neumorni
Executive Manager – Cariere

As a result of the services offered by Velvet Dental to Agroreal we are very happy with the collaboration, considering this clinic a real success offering services at the highest standards.

Tirvuloiu Cosmin
General Manager – SC AGROREAL SRL

After the dental services agreement with Velvet Dental, Stefanica, Dutu & Asociatii Law Firm considers the collaboration a very good one, and as consequence recommends it as a modern clinic with staff and services at the highest qualitative standard.

Daniel Stefanica
Managing Partner – Stefanica, Dutu & Asociatii

A few months ago I had a dental problem that needed an urgent intervention made by specialists. I tried to get support in two well-known clinics were I had gone before but that proved to be unsuccessful as I had not made a previous appointment and I would have had to wait more than my condition permitted. A friend of mine advised me to try Velvet Dental Clinic, too.
Now I can saythat I made the perfect choice. They did not ask for any client card and I was not put on a waiting list. My problem was treated as an emergency, and the team of professionals, the best equipment, pleasant place and the professionalism of all the staff made me forgive the reason that had taken me there.
I returned to Velvet Dental Clinic for further dental check-ups and each time I was convinced that they offer the best services, they have well trained staff and that the clients are treated with the respect that they deserve and expect.
I was very satisfied and decided to be their client. I recommend to everyone to see Velvet Dental Clinic for the services offered by the specialists’ team.

Michalis Lachanas
General Manager – Piraeus Leasing Romania

The employees of Euro Star Travel have been benefiting of a subscription to Velvet Dental Clinic since September 2005; we consider this clinic being one of the most modern and recommend it to all our partners.

Ileana Flori
HR Manager – Euro Star Travel

Following dental treatments since the opening of Velvet Dental Clinic, I consider that both the professional level and the equipment used allow them to have a high performance level.
It is one of the places where the ambiance and the professionalism demonstrate that even in Romania of the last years services reached western standards, services meant for a public that knows the quality requirements of such medical services.
This is one of the reasons for which I recommend Velvet Dental Clinic to those who want to find in Romania medical services, dental services projected for normal customers with a certain quality of living standard.

Razvan Nicolescu
Director TVR2