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Integral ceramics (e-max ivoclar) used as an option for ceramic veneers and facings

What is the integral ceramic? The integral ceramics is also called pressed ceramics, because of its technological execution procedure. It is the option of restoring a part of the dental crown (vestibular face of the front teeth for the dental facings, respectively the occlusal surface for the dental veneers), made only of porcelain, without metallic or zirconium sub-layer. The ceramic is stable from the point of view of the colour, it presents an excellent translucency and, because the absence of another (metal [...]

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Straumann Implant

When we choose to replace the absent teeth and to restore the mastication by dental implants, it is very important to be informed, to know the features and advantages of the different manufacturing companies in order to make a well informed decision. In this section, we shall describe the most important features and advantages of the Straumann implant in comparison with the remaining manufacturers. At present, the Straumann implant is placed on the top of the pyramid, covering all the [...]

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Periodontal disease and systemic diseases

The periodontal disease is an inflammatory, infectious disease caused by bacteria colonizing the oral cavity, it is not a localized disease, representing a very important risk factor for certain diseases. The researchers showed that the patients with periodontal disease are more susceptible with 49% to be diagnosed with kidney cancer, 54% with pancreas cancer and with 30% more predisposed to develop leukemia. The bacteria growing at the level of the oral cavity can be aspired into the lungs and they can [...]

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